Office of Professional Compliance

The Office of Professional Compliance is an administrative unit within the North Miami Police Department that is responsible for ensuring the integrity and professionalism of the police force. Its primary purpose is to maintain high standards of conduct and ethical behavior among officers while promoting public trust and confidence in the department. The office plays a crucial role in upholding the Department's values and ensuring that officers adhere to the established policies, procedures, and Code of Ethics.

The main goals of the North Miami Police Department Office of Professional Compliance include:

  1. Internal Affairs Investigations: The office investigates complaints and allegations of misconduct or improper behavior filed against police officers. This includes incidents involving excessive use of force, violations of departmental policies, discrimination, or any other behavior that undermines public trust. The office conducts fair and impartial investigations to determine the facts of each case and takes appropriate disciplinary action if necessary.
  2. Policy Development and Implementation: The office works closely with department leadership to develop and implement policies and procedures that guide the conduct and behavior of officers. They ensure that these policies align with best practices, legal requirements, and community expectations. 
  3. Officer Accountability: The Office of Professional Compliance promotes accountability within the police department. They establish mechanisms for monitoring officer conduct and performance. By holding officers accountable for their actions, the office aims to maintain a high level of professionalism and ethical behavior within the department.

In summary, the North Miami Police Department Office of Professional Compliance plays a critical role in maintaining the professionalism and ethical conduct of the police force. Through internal investigations, policy development, officer accountability, community engagement, and training, they strive to build trust, ensure transparency, and promote a safe and respectful environment for both officers and the community they serve.