January 2020

Detective Frederick

Detective Frederick

Detective Salien

Officer Salien

On December 17, 2019, Detective Salien responded to Jackson North Hospital where he met with a twelve (12) year old victim whose mother had taken her to the hospital after constant complaints of back pain. Through testing, it was found that the juvenile was several weeks pregnant. The investigation revealed that an adult male had been sexually battering the victim on several occasions. Through his thorough investigation, Detective Salien was able to positively identify this dangerous offender. Detective Salien discovered that the adult male subject had been manipulating the victim to engage in sexual behavior by buying her materials goods and food. Detective Salien assured that the victim received services and counseling for her traumatic experience.

On January 7, 2020, Detective Salien recruited assistance from a seasoned investigator, Detective Gedeus Frederick. The goals were to find, apprehend, and obtain a confession from the sexual offender. Removing this predator from the street was priority number one, preventing any further victimization of children in the community. The subject was not home when Detective Salien and Detective Frederick made an attempt to locate him. As they began to walk back to their vehicle, Detective Frederick took a closer look at an individual who was in the hallway of the apartment complex, facing away from them. Upon making contact with the individual, it became clear he was the offender. He was transported to the North Miami Police Department to be interviewed.

The offender spent hours denying the allegations of sexual abuse to the young victim. The Detectives who are both extensively trained in interviewing and interrogating could easily detect that the subject was not being truthful. After hours of interrogation and the use of multiple strategies and tactics to extract the truth, the detectives refused to give up. The subject was no match for the skill and professionalism of both Detectives. Finally, the subject admitted to engaging sexual intercourse with the victim on multiple occasions and was subsequently arrested and charged with a grave offense.

By the apprehension and incarceration of this subject, these two Detectives protected a child from further harm and prevented this subject from victimizing anyone else. Although his despicable actions will forever impact this young victim, justice has been served, and the victim knows that her offender will not go unpunished. The actions of both detectives are to be commended. Standing up for justice and protecting our citizens, especially our children, is their sworn duty. They were truly guardians in this case.