March 2020

Officer Calderon

Officer Jean Pierre Calderon

Officer Orozco

Officer Brandon Orozco

On January 31st, 2020, Officer Brandon Orozco was dispatched in emergency mode in reference to a Hit & Run accident with injuries. Once Officer Orozco arrived on the scene, he was able to calm the injured and frantic victim down and obtain a description and direction of travel for the subject who had fled the scene on foot. Officer Orozco issued a B.O.L.O of the subject in question. While conducting an area canvas, Officer Orozco was able to locate the subject approximately two blocks away. The subject immediately told Officer Orozco, “I have a pistol, I have a pistol,” while concealing his hands in his hooded sweatshirt. Officer Orozco, while holding the subject at gunpoint, maintained his composure and gave loud verbal commands for the subject to show him his hands and for him to get on the ground. Throughout the encounter, the subject continued to conceal his hands and shouted at the officers numerous times, “shoot me, shoot me.” Adhering to the Department’s principle of showing the utmost respect for the Sanctity of Life, Officer Orozco showed great restraint and refrained from using deadly force during this encounter, while simultaneously maintaining a safe distance from the subject.

The subject, in a state of panic, ran away from the officers and was then intercepted by Officer Jean-Pierre Calderon. Officer Calderon expeditiously exited his vehicle and told the subject “Get on the ground, get on the ground,” but the subject refused. The subject then gave his back to Officer Calderon and ran away from him in an attempt to avoid capture. Officer Calderon took this opportunity and holstered his weapon and drew his Taser. Officer Calderon was able to deploy his Taser, striking the subject in his back area, which resulted in the subject’s successful apprehension by the units on the scene. This was a highly stressful incident, which required much restraint and a tactically sound approach by the officers on the scene. The officers attempted to de-escalate the situation and use the appropriate level of force only when presented with no option. The subject was taken into custody with minimal injuries, and none of the officers were hurt during this encounter.