August 2022

Officer Bryant
Officer Peter Carmenate

On Monday, August 29th, 2022, Officers Alfred Bryant and Peter Carmenate responded to the Home Depot (12055 Biscayne Blvd) and contacted the Loss Prevention Officer (LPO). The LPO discovered that one of their employees removed two Milwaukee tool sets from the packaging and then placed the tools inside of his backpack. Officers Bryant and Carmenate coordinated with the LPO and waited for the employee to exit the business. The employee proceeded to exit the business with the items inside his backpack after his work shift ended.

Officers Bryant and Carmenate met with the suspect outside of the business and detained him to further investigate the allegation. The suspect was found in possession of the unpaid stolen items inside his backpack. Based on the subject’s body language, change in demeanor, and comments made under his breath, Officers Bryant and Carmenate immediately recognized there was more to the investigation than just two (2) tools being taken that morning. The officers read the subject his Miranda Rights and began a systematic interview. Officers Bryant and Carmenate utilized their stellar interviewing techniques and discovered that the employee was responsible for stealing over $3000 worth of items during his shift. Additionally, the subject confessed to several other thefts throughout the month with the intentions of selling these items to “various people.”

Their attention to detail, quick thinking, and ability to deduce that there was more to the investigation, led to the subject being arrested, and Home Depot recovering loss inventory. In addition, the information developed from the subject’s confession has led to additional investigations and the potential for more criminal charges.

Officers Alfred Bryant and Peter Carmenate exemplified the North Miami Police Department motto of “Making a Positive Impact.”