February 2022

Detective McSai Jean-Baptiste

On January 13, 2022, Detective Jean-Baptiste was participating in a crime prevention detail in the Shopping District to address a spike in vehicle burglaries and retail thefts in the area. Detective Jean-Baptiste was monitoring Walgreens Liquor store, a highly targeted location for thefts by shoplifters. Detective Jean-Baptiste noticed the north side door of the business open, which is not commonly used by the general public. His intuition led him to believe that possible criminal activity was afoot. Detective Jean-Baptiste went right into investigative mode, and began to conduct surveillance on the business to further monitor the situation. Moments later, Detective Jean-Baptiste observed three subjects entering and exiting the business in a brisk manner, with cases of liquor in hand. Not one of the subjects was wearing a uniform of any sort, nor did they appear to be employees of the business. The subjects were taking cases of liquor to a vehicle parked at the rear of the business, and loading them inside. Detective Jean-Baptiste watched as they continued to remove liquor from the business. His experience, as a detective in the Crime Suppression Unit, prompted him to believe that the subjects would flee upon sight of the police. He directed the other CSU detectives to different tactical positions to establish boundaries as a precaution to contain the subjects in case they ran. Once everyone was in place, Detective Jean-Baptiste, along with another CSU detective, stealthily approached the subjects at the rear of the business in their unmarked vehicles. As the approaching detectives attempted to make investigative contact with the subjects, the subjects became startled, dropped the cases of liquor, and ran away from the detectives, abandoning their get-away vehicle. The subjects split up while fleeing; one ran off into the neighborhood, and the other two ran together towards the front of the business. The subjects ran towards a busy parking lot filled with vehicles traversing, and people walking around. Their escape seemed promising as the subjects ran towards the parking lot, thinking they could get away. They were not aware that Detective Jean-Baptiste already placed the other detectives in strategic positions, and they were already locked in on the subjects, ready for the takedown. Utilizing the element of surprise, the subjects were intercepted right before they could enter into the crowded parking lot. Detective Jean-Baptiste’s tactical plan had paid-off. The detectives were positioned at the perfect locations to facilitate the safe apprehension of the two subjects. Although a third subject was able to initially get away, Detective Jean-Baptiste was able to identify him through his diligent investigation. A felony warrant has since been issued for his arrest, and his getaway will be short lived.

Once their trap was sprung, the detectives began to put the final pieces of the case together. The manager confirmed that the subjects were not employees of the business, and they were not authorized to take the liquor. In fact, the manager had no idea that the burglary was taking place, “right under his nose.” It was later revealed through video surveillance, that the subjects brazenly removed cases of liquor, and ran out the door of the stockroom. The subjects had removed over 10 cases of liquor, valued at a price of $2,637.03. All of the liquor was recovered and returned to the business.

Detective Jean-Baptiste displayed a high level of police knowledge and experience during this investigation. He followed his police instincts, which ultimately disrupted a burglary in progress to a business.