February 2021

Detective Antoine Jodlyn
Detective Benjamin Dolly

On December 24, 2020, thirty minutes before the dawn of Christmas morning, an innocent life was lost as a result of a shooting at the Checkers restaurant, located at 13495 NW 7 Avenue. North Miami Police officers responded to the restaurant and found a victim had been shot in front of multiple people. The victim expired in the front parking lot of the restaurant. The shooter, displaying a wanton disregard for the life of another human being, fled the scene. 


Detective Dolly was assigned as the lead Homicide Detective on the case. Detective Antoine was assigned as the backup detective. From the beginning, the detectives encountered resistance when none of the numerous patrons, who were present during the shooting, came forward as witnesses. 


Utilizing a blurry video captured during the incident, detectives were able to determine the make and model of the vehicle used during the shooting. Detectives were also able to obtain a vague description of the shooter. Despite having limited information, the detectives were determined to solve this senseless murder. 


Det. Dolly and Det. Antoine spent countless hours scouring neighboring businesses, roadways, and residential neighborhoods, looking for witnesses, video, the vehicle in question, and any additional clues that would lead them to the person that committed this heinous crime. Although the detectives put in hours of follow-up and surveillance, the detectives were coming up empty-handed. 

Refusing to be discouraged, the detectives remained in contact with the witness and reexamined every facet of the case. The witness cultivated by Det. Antoine, provided an invaluable tip. This tip would prove to be the break in the case the detectives needed. The possible killer returned to the scene of the crime, leaving behind crucial evidence the detectives needed. 

With this new investigative lead, Det. Dolly, Det. Antoine and CSU began to search for the vehicle again. CSU conducted hours of surveillance, ultimately locating the vehicle. They continued to surveil the vehicle until it was occupied by an individual who resembled the shooter. A high-risk traffic stop was conducted on the vehicle. Inside the vehicle, the detectives found their murderer and the murder weapon. 

The work of these detectives is a testament to the Department’s Values of Courage, Professionalism, and Unity.