December 2019

On December 26th, 2019, Detective Zuniga and Detective Becker wereriding two-men in an unmarked police vehicle while conducting crime suppressionactivities. Detective Zuniga observed a vehicle thaterratically turned left from the far right lane, causing Detective Zuniga tomake an abrupt stop. Detective Zuniga’s alertness and exceptional defensivedriving skills prevented him from hitting the subject’s vehicle, which couldhave caused a potentially serious traffic accident. Detective Zunigaimmediately and safely turned behind the subject’s vehicle and conducted arecords check on the tag via Miami-Dade Police dispatch. The dispatcher advisedthat the vehicle was taken in an armed robbery on December 25th outof Miami-Dade County. Detective Zuniga immediately advised of his location, ashe activated his emergency equipment, while attempting to conduct a trafficstop. The subject accelerated and began to flee, attempting to elude Detective Zuniga.

Detective Zuniga pursued the vehicle whilecontinuously advising the dispatcher of his current location. Detective Zunigaremained calm with his radio transmissions, as he awaited assistance fromadditional police units. The subject disregarded officers’ attempts to stop himand drove with a wanton disregard for the safety of others, as he failed tostop at several stop signs and red lights while attempting to elude DetectiveZuniga. The subject traveled around a roundabout, where he lost control of hisvehicle and crashed into a nearby apartment building. Both subjects exited the vehicle and fled onfoot. Detective Zuniga quickly and calmlyadvised that the subjects had fled from the vehicle and provided a “Be On theLookout” (B.O.L.O.) over the police radio. Detectives Zuniga and Beckerimmediately exited their vehicle and pursued both the driver and passenger onfoot. Detectives Zuniga and Becker kept a continuous visual of both subjects,while calmly transmitting their direction of travel over the radio. After ashort foot pursuit, both subjects were apprehended and arrested.

These detectives’ initial instincts and swift reactionled to a safe resolution and apprehension of two dangerous and violentsubjects. The characteristics of unity, courage, dedication, andprofessionalism exhibited by these detectives are a testament to the mission,values, and motto, “Making a Positive Impact”, of the North Miami Police Department.