February 2019

Sergeant Thompson

Sergeant Crystal Thompson

Officer Montina

Officer Nickerline Montina

Officer Bonny

Officer Kimberly Bonny

Officer Pupo

Officer Michael Pupo

On February 2nd, 2019, Officer Bonny, backed-up by Officer Montina and Sergeant Thompson, responded to threats made to shoot up a party, via social media. Upon arrival, contact was made with security, who was directed by police to enter the establishment and locate a complainant. While on the scene, Miami-Dade Police Communications provided additional information from an unknown female caller, who claimed that the shooter was inside the facility and described him as a black male, with dreads, wearing a red shirt, and black pants. Reasonably suspecting that an active attack may be afoot, Sergeant Thompson, without hesitation, formulated a team consisting of Officers Bonny and Montina and entered the establishment. The officers conducted a search of the interior, with negative results in locating the complainant and/or suspect involved. Sergeant Thompson further instructed security to deny any further entry or exit into the building during the search. Several additional back-up units arrived and assisted with securing the location.

In addition to limited lighting and the overcapacity of people, the officers encountered extreme difficulty in positively identifying the suspect due to numerous patrons wearing similar attires of red shirts and hoodies. Shortly thereafter, security escorted several subjects out of the building, who deliberately attempted to incite a fight. The subjects, who were all dressed in common attire of red hoodies, remained outside of the building and caused a disturbance by demanding that they obtain a refund. Officers Montina and Pupo made contact with the subjects and ordered them to leave at the request of management. The subjects complied and entered into a Gray BMW four-door that was parked in the lot.

While standing within close proximity of the BMW, Officer Montina observed the front passenger occupant making furtive movements, possibly dropping an unknown item onto the floorboard. Officer Montina relayed such observation to Officer Pupo, who walked over to the front passenger side of the vehicle where he observed an empty holster on the front driver side floorboard. Officer Montina then observed an un-holstered firearm on the lap of the driver occupant. Officer Montina immediately sprang into action by drawing her firearm, holding the driver at gunpoint and simultaneously reaching into the vehicle, removing the firearm from his lap. Sergeant Thompson, and back-up by several additional units, coordinated a systematic removal of all occupants from the vehicle, at gunpoint.

A total of five firearms, two of which were stolen, and another with the serial numbers scratched off, were removed from the vehicle. In addition, a misdemeanor amount of marijuana was seized from the vehicle. As a result, several potentially violent subjects were arrested for firearms and drug-related charges.

Under the leadership of Sergeant Thompson, Officers Bonny, Montina and Pupo, displayed acts of relentless heroism, courage, and unselfishness by putting their lives at risk to protect the public. These brave officers undoubtedly prevented a potential mass shooting or active attack incident. This valiant display of great police work encompasses the Agency's oath to "Establish high standards for supervision" and "Making a Positive Impact" through Respect, Integrity, Courage, Empathy, Unity, and Professionalism.