April 2018

Officer Calderon

Officer Jean Pierre Calderon

On March 4, 2018, Officer Jean Pierre Calderon was working an off-duty detail at Publix Supermarket when he was approached by a customer advising that a female was screaming and crying in distress. Officer Calderon immediately drove through the parking lot in an attempt to locate the female. His investigation led him to a crowd gathered around a four-door vehicle in the parking garage, with an injured male in the back seat. Officer Calderon noticed that the male was losing consciousness and bleeding profusely from severe lacerations to his wrist and arms.

Officer Calderon immediately took action and contacted Miami-Dade Fire Rescue and requested additional back-up officers to assist with crowd control. Without hesitation, Officer Calderon retrieved his SW.A.T. issued tourniquet and began to apply lifesaving treatment to the male. As a result, Officer Calderon managed to suppress the bleeding, stabilizing him prior to Miami-Dade Fire Rescue's arrival. The victim was subsequently transported to the hospital by MDFR and survived his injuries.

Further investigation revealed that the victim exited the shower and attempted to retrieve a bottle of lotion that fell behind the dresser. As he braced his hand on the mirror, his hand slipped and the mirror fell. While trying to catch the mirror, it hit the dresser and shattered, causing a large piece of mirror to cut both of his hands and slice through his right wrist. Due to Officer Jean Pierre Calderon's quick thinking, fast response, and the proper application of the tourniquet a man's life was saved.