May 2018

Officer Laguerre

Officer Paul Laguerre

On March 28, 2018, Officer Paul Laguerre was dispatched to respond to the station in reference to a prisoner transport. At the same time, a sick or injured person call, involving a 42-year-old unconscious female, was received within his assigned area. Officer Laguerre instinctively took delay on the police radio and responded to the call in an emergency mode.

Upon Officer Laguerre's arrival, he observed an unresponsive unconscious female on the ground and immediately sprang into action and began to assess the A.B.Cs (airway, breathing, and circulation). After determining that the victim lacked a pulse, Officer Laguerre subsequently assumed resuscitative efforts, conducting a series of chest compressions. Officer Laguerre continued to perform chest compressions until Miami-Dade Rescue arrived and took over.

Miami-Dade Rescue advised that the victim's pulse was restored and sustained, due to Officer Laguerre's valiant resuscitative efforts. The unconscious female was transported in critical but stable condition, to the North Shore Hospital for further treatment. The women passed away later that day due to a severe brain aneurysm. The preservation of life by Officer Laguerre, allowed members of her immediate family to visit and pay their final respects, prior to her untimely death.