Community Redevelopment Agency Advisory Committee



MemberAppointed ByAppointed DateTerm Ending
Vacant (Business)ChairmanN/AN/A
Edwige Clark
Michael McDearmaid, Chair (Resident)
District 1
Brenda Alfaro (Business)District 1
Robert Husted (Resident)
District 2
Sarah Mc Devitt (Business)
District 2
Kenneth Each (Resident)
District 301-28-202009-13-2022
Marie Metellus (Business Owner)
District 303-09-202109-09-2022
Blanca Cobo (Resident)
District 410-07-201909-09-2021
Ashaki Bronson-Marcellus (Business Owner)
District 409-08-202009-14-2021
Pierre Frantz Charles
Marisol MedinaAt-Large12-14-202109-08-2022

Member Information

This committee is comprised of 12 members (2 at-large), 1 appointee being a North Miami resident and 1 appointee being a businessperson or professional with offices in the city of North Miami. At-large appointees may be a North Miami resident, businessperson or professional with offices in North Miami. Community Redevelopment Agency (CRA) Board members designate 1 appointed member to serve a 1-year term and the other to serve a 2-year term. Terms expire on the second Tuesday in September.

About the Committee

The Community Redevelopment Agency Advisory Committee, established by Resolution R-8-2005-4 on August 9, 2005; has advisory powers and hears all items and matters that are assigned by the CRA Board, and makes recommendations to the CRA Board.