Charter Board


  • Convenes periodically for review, possible amendments or revisions
  • Council Chambers
    776 NE 125 Street
    2nd Floor
    North Miami, FL 33161


MemberAppointed ByAppointed DateTerm Ending
Michael McDearmaidMayor Desulme10-10-202311-19-2024
Kenneth EachCouncilman Galvin04-26-202211-19-2024
VacantCouncilwoman TimotheN/AN/A
Sandy LilaVice Mayor Estimé-Irvin10-10-202311-19-2024
Blanca CoboCouncilman Charles08-22-202311-19-2024
Gerard Kevin SeifriedAt-Large10-10-202311-19-2024


Member Information

Each member of the city council shall nominate one member of the charter board, which nomination shall be subject to approval of a majority of the city council. Two additional members of the charter board shall be appointed by the city council as a whole. The seven members thus appointed by the city council shall be residents of the city. The term of those board members appointed by the individual city council members shall be coterminous with the appointing elected official’s term of office. The terms of those board members appointed by the city council as a whole shall be coterminous with the mayor’s term of office.

Removal of a Member
The city council may at any time remove a member from office and appoint a qualified person to serve out the unexpired term of any member so removed. Such action shall require three positive votes. If any member fails to attend two out of three successive meetings without cause and without prior notice and approval of the chairman, the board shall declare the member’s office vacant and the city council shall promptly fill such vacancy for the remainder of the term. The city council may reappoint the person removed provided there is at least a majority vote of the city council to do so. The board members shall serve without compensation.

About the Board

Members of the Charter Board, established by Ordinance 704 (PDF) on July 22, 1969; amended by Ordinance 704.1 (PDF) on October 22, 1974; amended by Ordinance 1354 (PDF) on March 26, 2013; and amended by Ordinance 1369 (PDF) on April 8, 2014, review and analyze the city charter and recommend to the city council, for its consideration, amendments to the charter.

Recorded Meetings
All meetings of the board shall be taped. The tapes shall be preserved and minutes recorded. The city attorney and/or his designee and a designee of the city manager shall attend all meetings of the board.