Unsafe Structures Board


  • Meet as necessary
  • Council Chamber
    776 NE 125 Street 2nd Floor
    North Miami, FL 33161
  • Time: TBD
MemberAppointed byAppointed DateTerm Ending
VacantMayor DesulmeN/AN/A
Sandy LilaVice-Mayor Estimé-Irvin11-28-202305-27-2025
VacantCouncilman GalvinN/AN/A
VacantCouncilman TimotheN/AN/A
VacantCouncilman CharlesN/AN/A

Member Information

The Unsafe Structures Board is hereby created, consisting of up to nine (9) members who shall be appointed by the North Miami City Council, a quorum of the Board shall be five (5) members.

Section 1. The composition of the Board shall include members from the following: 

  1. a registered Engineer 
  2. a registered Architect 
  3. a General Building Contractor 
  4. an Electrical Contractor 
  5. an attorney 
  6. a Plumbing Contractor 
  7. a Real Estate Appraiser 
  8. a real estate Property Manager
  9. a citizen with experience and background in the field of social problems 

Section 2. Terms of Office
All appointments shall be for the term of 3 years, provided, however, that the term, in all instances, shall continue until a successor is appointed and qualified. Appointments to fill any vacancy on the Board shall be for the remainder of the unexpired term. 

Section 3. Organization of the Board
The members of the Board shall elect a Chair and a Vice Chair and such other officers as may be deemed necessary or desirable, who shall serve at the will of the Board.  

Five (5) members of the Board shall constitute a quorum necessary to hold a meeting or take any action. 

A majority vote of the membership present and voting at a duly constituted meeting of the Board shall be sufficient to overrule, modify, or affirm any action or decision of the Building Official or to take any other action within the scope of the powers and duties of the Board.

About the Board

The Unsafe Structure Board was established by Ordinance 1434 on February 26, 2019, to establish an Unsafe Structure Board and procedures for declaring structures unsafe. The Unsafe Structures Board is created to exercise in the City of North Miami as provided for hereafter the powers and duties granted by the Ordinance. The Board shall be entrusted with hearing appeals of decisions of the Building Official declaring any structures located on properties within the City to be unsafe where there is a danger to the health and safety of the citizens. all in the manner prescribed in the Ordinance. Unsafe Structures Board shall hear appeals of decisions of the City of North Miami Building Official declaring structures. Accessory structures. Any part of the built environment and pools to be unsafe where there is a danger to the health, well-being, and safety of the citizens, all in the manner prescribed in this Section. The Building Official shall have the authority to declare a structure to be unsafe and for the repair or demolition of an unsafe structure. all consistent with the provisions of the most current adopted version of the Florida Building Code.

  1. Mare (Marc) Jean, P.E., CBO

    Building Official