Abandoned Real Property

Properties that have been abandoned and allowed to become overgrown, or structures left open and unsecured, not only have a negative impact on community value, but also create conditions that invite criminal activity and foster an environment that is unsafe and unhealthy for our community. It is for these reasons that abandoned properties must be maintained so as not to create these nuisance conditions.

To curtail the growing problem of abandoned and neglected properties, prochamps.com Opens in new windowthe City of North Miami has partnered with ProChamps to help monitor and maintain abandoned real properties throughout the City of North Miami. 

Abandoned Real Property Registration

The registration program for abandoned residential properties ensures communication between the lender and the City with respect to any potential or existing code enforcement violations. It also provides the City contact information for the service provider or property preservation firm retained by the lender to abate such violations. This will not only help to preserve property values, but will also ensure the health, safety, and general welfare of neighborhoods in which these properties exist.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

Disclaimer: The answers below are intended to provide guidance for commonly asked questions. However, these answers do not cover every scenario and do not replace the adopted provisions of the Code of Ordinances for abandoned real property.