Hurricane Preparedness - Sanitation Service Tips

Before a Storm

  • All sanitation services are suspended when a Hurricane warning is issued
  • Do not put out bulk trash or yard waste when a Hurricane watch or warning is issued, or when a hurricane is approaching the area.
  • Properly trim and prune trees, shrubs and other plants
  • Remove all dead trees, branches, tree limbs, palm fronds, or dead coconuts and put out for pickup before hurricane season begins.
  • Store carts and bins in a safe place out of high winds or tie them down securely
  • Include large garbage bags with your emergency supply kit for waste disposal.

During a Storm

  • All sanitation services are suspended during a storm.
  • Put all household waste in garbage bags for disposal and seal tightly to prevent unsanitary conditions.
  • Be prepared to store waste in sealed garbage bags for several days.
  • Do not forget to separate your recyclable items from your regular garbage.
  • Stay tuned to local television and radio stations for updates regarding City of North Miami operations

After a Storm

  • Be prepared for adjustments to sanitation schedules after a hurricane.
  • Put all household, recycle and yard waste, in garbage bags for disposal until your regular services resumes. Place all trash in an accessible area away from power lines, fences, and trees.
  • Please advise FP&L if there are any down power lines in your area