Helpful Tree Maintenance Tips

Pruning Do’s and Don’ts:

Pruning or Trimming means to cut away, remove, cut off or cut back parts of the tree which will alter the natural shape.

  • DO make all cuts in the proper locations of the tree, such as junctions, laterals, crotches, above the branch collar or branch bark ridge.
  • DO make all cuts clean and flush, without tears or splitting of surrounding bark.
  • DO contact the City regarding permit requirements prior to cutting or removing any tree.
  • DO NOT begin any tree pruning or cleanup activities, or place trash on the curb, during a tropical storm or hurricane watch or warning. Pruning season is recommended in late winter or early spring.
  • DO NOT prune in a fashion that destroys the natural shape of the tree. This also applies to forms of artistic tree shaping.
  • DO NOT remove any branch measuring three inches or more in diameter at any point other than where lateral branches meet the main trunk.
  • DO NOT hatrack or indiscriminately cut limbs to a uniform length, leaving only branch stubs.
    Hatrack or Hatracking means to uniformly remove the major part of the tree’s crown reducing it in height and leaving a number of large bare limbs, characterized by a number of stubbed off branches; or pruning a tree by removing any branch three inches or greater in diameter at any point other than the point where the lateral branches meet the main trunk.

Before pruning or removing a tree on public or private property, contact the Community Planning and Development at 305-895-9825. Permits may be required. 

Landscapers/Private contractors are required to haul away and dispose of tree trimmings. They may not place the trimmings out curbside Sec 9.17(a-c)

Residents who trim trees and place trimmings curbside for bulk trash pickup must ensure the pile is within the allowed size limit of 8 Cubic Yards. Section 9.17(e)

For More Information visit Gridics to view the City of North Miami Code of Ordinances. Call Community Planning and Development Department at 305-895-9825. Call Code Compliance Department at 305-895-9832.

Tree Maintenance Tips