Code Compliance Officers

Meet Our Team

Code Compliance Officers are available seven days a week to maintain and improve the appearance of our community. Their role protects the health, safety and welfare of our citizens. When contacting North Miami Code Compliance Officers, please provide the location and nature of the violation. The officer assigned to the area will conduct an inspection of the property. If a Code Compliance Officer determines that a violation exists, they will proceed with necessary enforcement action.

City of North Miami Code Compliance Zones (PDF)

NamesTitleEmailPhone Number
Christopher ColsonCode Compliance Officerccolson@northmiamifl.gov305-895-9832 ext.17006
Genaro MorilloCode Compliance Officergmorillo@northmiamifl.gov305-895-9832 ext. 17002
Jonathan LemaistreCode Compliance Officerjlemaistre@northmiamifl.gov305-895-9832 ext. 17008
Jose PerezLead Code Compliance Officerjperez@northmiamifl.gov305-895-9832 ext. 17004
Shanna SandersCode Compliance Officerssanders@northmiamifl.gov305-895-9832 ext. 17009
Tamara PetitCode Compliance Officertpetit@northmiamifl.gov305-895-9832 ext. 17005