Sophia James Hall Memorial Scholarship

Sophia James Hall Memorial Scholarship for Adult/Career & Technical Education

The family and friends of the late Sophia James Hall partnered with The North Miami Educational Foundation, Inc. to honor her memory. Sophia retired from the Miami-Dade County Public Schools system as an Assistant Principal in May 2016, but soon returned to work at Miami Northwestern Senior High School, until her passing on June 18, 2020. Sophia James Hall stood as an example for youth in the community and left a legacy of extraordinary brilliance. She coached and mentored many students with a vigor not often seen in someone with so many years of teaching. As a member of the board of directors of the foundation, Sophia was incredibly committed to providing opportunities for North Miami students. Her passion and drive to support the educational goals of youth were unparalleled.

The Sophia James Hall Memorial Scholarship will cover tuition and fees for students planning to continue their education through a career-path vocational/technical certification program. Awards range up to $2,000 and are based on financial analysis of each applicant’s unmet need.

For more information: email or call 305.895.9888 ext. 12109.


To promote good citizenship and leadership qualities in deserving, at-risk and economically disadvantaged North Miami residents through the attainment of higher educational opportunities.

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The scholarship (up to $2,000.00) will cover tuition and fees. Applicants may need to apply for other types of financial aid to cover additional expenses based on the program’s cost. The funds will be disbursed on a term basis.

Scholarship recipients must demonstrate satisfactory academic progress in order to maintain their eligibility for the scholarship. They must earn a grade of C or better throughout their enrollment in the program.