NoMi Leaders in Training Program Overview

Program Purpose

The City of North Miami’s Leaders in Training (LIT) Program, is designed to develop our city’s next generation of public servants through higher education preparation, career readiness and enhanced understanding of local civic processes. The program will serve as a pipeline and pre-requisite for North Miami residents, grades 9 through 12, to transition into the city’s Summer Internship Program. Upon completing the program’s hands-on professional leadership training, participants will gain soft skills needed to succeed in any profession.

This initiative was created by Mayor Alix Desulme ED.D., in collaboration with Patricia Elizee, Esq. 

Program Location and Date

Joe Celestin Center 
1525 NW 135 Street 
North Miami, FL 33167
February 24, 2024 thru May 11, 2024 (12 weeks)
10:00 AM to 1:30 PM

Upon completion, program participants will:

  • Earn 40 Community Service Hours
  • Receive priority when applying for the 2024 Paid Summer Internship Program

Fill out the application online (Must register and create an account to apply) Opens in New Window .
Application Deadline: Friday, February 16, 2024

For more information about the Leaders in Training Program, please contact City of North Miami Housing and Social Services Department 305-893-6511, ext. 20000 or
  1. Components
  2. Objectives
  3. Requirements
  4. Youth Opportunity Board

Program Components

LIT includes three focus areas.

Career Readiness

Many young residents are in need of resources to help them identify a career focus. Few understand the preparation involved in landing the ideal job opportunity. Through exposure to various career paths in the field of public service, LIT provides practical guidance for cultivating hard and soft skills required for life-long professional success. 

LIT assists youth participants in identifying and matching their individual interests, talents and skills with complimentary career opportunities. During this process participants receive a general overview of the responsibilities and functions of municipal government, by engaging with various department directors and learning their roles and contributions to the City of North Miami’s daily operations.

Civic Engagement

Through one-on-one interactions with the City of North Miami’s elected officials and observation of government operations, LIT Program participants will be taught the fundamentals of government service, structure and leadership. Youth will also witness firsthand North Miami’s government practices and processes from the perspective of the City’s elected leadership.

Leadership Development

 LIT program participants will be taught to recognize various professional leadership styles. Participants will learn how to apply these styles to chosen career interests and goals.