Single Family Rehabilitation

This program assists homeowners residing in the City of North Miami who do not have adequate financial resources to make necessary home repairs. Program income restrictions, occupancy and other guidelines must be met. Homeowners are considered eligible if their total household income does not exceed 80% of the area median income.

Income eligible households are offered financing in the form of a forgivable deferred loan during the affordability period of seven (7) years for the CDBG and SHIP programs and up to 15 years for the HOME Program.

The application cycle for this program is October 1- October 31. Applications are distributed and collected within the month of October, Monday-Friday from 9:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m., by appointment only. Applicants are selected through a lottery process.


The rehabilitation program is open once a year. Applicants to the City’s rehabilitation program are funded on a first-qualified, first-served basis.

The 2019 North Miami Housing Improvement Program award will be based on two categories:

Category 1 -Beautification

The following are repair categories, not to exceed $10,000, are award eligible: 

  • Exterior paint
  • Gutters
  • Installation of landscaping and/or wells (No lien required)
  • Repaving of driveway
  • Replacement of deteriorated fascia
  • Shutters
  • Soffits

Category 2 - Structural

This award is up to $20,000. Awards exceeding $10,000 will require a five year lien. Roofs, windows, doors and any other approved beautification items from Category 1 can be paid for with this award.


Additionally, applicants must satisfy the following criteria in order to qualify for the program:

Eligible Homeowners

The program is open to owner-occupied homeowners residing in the City of North Miami who meet the following criteria:

  • Applicant must own and occupy the single-family residence, townhouse or duplex within the City.
  • Annual household income must be at or below 80 % area median income.
  • Priority will be given to households that include the elderly (age 62 or older) and/or the disabled property owner. Funds are available through a lottery selection per council district.
  • Applicants should not have participated in any prior beautification program funded by the City within the past 5 years.

2019 Income Limit      

Household SizePercentage12345678
Miami-Dade Median:$54,90080%$47,450$54,200$61,000$67,750$73,200$78,600$84,050$89,450

Terms of Assistance

Financial assistance through the 2019 City of North Miami Housing Improvement Program shall be structured as a forgivable grant for Category 1, with no lien; and a 4-year lien for Category 2 awards. Repayment is required in the event of default.

Eligible Property

In order to be considered to receive assistance the homeowner and the property must meet the following conditions:

  • Property must be substandard and in poor condition.
  • Property must be located within the City of North Miami.
  • Property must be single-family, townhouse or duplex and entirely used for residential purposes, with the unit occupied by the applicant.
  • Property must not be bank owned.
  • Applicant’s property tax obligation must be current at the time of application to the program.
  • Property must be homestead.
  • Property must conform to all city, zoning and land use requirements regarding use.
  • Repairs must be at least one of the following types:
    • Exterior paint of single-family, townhouse or duplex
    • Installation of landscaping and wells
    • Repaving of existing driveway or installation of new driveway
    • Replacement of exterior doors
    • Replacement of older windows with hurricane impact windows
    • Replacement or repair of roofs, fascia and/or soffits and gutters