2036 Comprehensive Plan

The State of Florida requires every municipality to develop a Comprehensive Plan that includes an inventory of current conditions; identifies long-range needs and desired goals and; includes policies by which to achieve these goals. 

The City of North Miami 2036 Comprehensive Plan outlines our community’s collective future vision, while also: 

  • Serving as a guide for residents, businesses, and public officials for the desired overall growth and redevelopment; 
  • Forming the basis for administering the land development regulations and for making reasonable decisions on development and rezoning applications; 
  • Promoting innovative, sustainable, and green development and redevelopment practices; 
  • Ensuring the continuity of long-range economic development, planning, and capital improvement policies and programs; 
  • Assisting the City in applying for state and federal grant programs; 
  • Preserving the aesthetic and natural character of North Miami; and
  • Promoting the safety, prosperity, health, and aesthetics of our residents.

Comprehensive Plan Documents