The Planning Section of the Community Planning and Development Department crafts, administers and implements City land use and development policies, urban design policies, sustainability policies, and historic preservation program.


The section processes a variety of development approval applications, working closely with the Planning Commission to ensure new development reflects the City’s land use goals, objectives and policies as enacted in the Comprehensive plan; satisfies the applicable standards of the City’s Land Development Regulations; reflects the vision of other master plans and planning studies; and ultimately enhances the built environment. 

Works with the Attorney's Office

The section also works closely with the City’s Attorney Office, as well as other City’s departments, county and state agencies, both to protect the interests of the City and to also ensure that all concurrency determinations are met. Applications are available at Applications and Fees.

Resident's Guide to a Quasi-Judicial Process

The purpose of this Resident’s Guide to the Quasi-Judicial Process (PDF) is to assist residents in understanding how to participate in the quasi-judicial processes within the City of North Miami. It is intended as a tool for any individual who has no particular expertise in the law concerning the granting of development permits, site plan approvals, special exceptions, variances, and similar types of proceedings before the City Council, Planning Commission and Board of Adjustment. Residents who wish to participate in proceedings before these boards should have a basic understanding of their function, the rules relative to how they make decisions and how to effectively participate in these proceedings to either oppose or support quasi-judicial applications before the City Council and City boards.

Quasi-Judicial Speaker Card

Speaker cards (PDF) will be made available to parties interested in participating in Quasi-Judicial proceedings listed on City of North council and board meeting agendas.

New Development

In addition to providing direct services to the public by staffing a public counter, preparing information handouts, and responding to citizen inquiries, the division conducts extensive community outreach on development projects, working closely with both the applicant and community to identify and resolve key issues early in the process to ensure new development reflects the community’s long range vision for North Miami.

Comprehensive Plan

The Planning Section is also responsible for maintaining and updating the City's Comprehensive Plan. The Comprehensive Plan includes goals, objectives and policies that are supported by data and analysis, which together provides an overview of current and future transportation needs within the City and establishes various strategies aimed at meeting the City’s transportation initiatives.

Transportation Objectives

The City’s Transportation Master Plan (PDF), Transit Overlay District Feasibility Study (PDF) and Transportation Element (PDF) further provides a blueprint for the City’s transportation objectives and includes various multimodal strategies that support existing and future transit needs. On June, 2005 the Mayor and Council approved Resolution R-2005-71 (PDF) which allowed the City Manager to enter into an agreement with the Florida Department of Transportation for the design and construction of the 1.5 mile Arch Creek Bike Path (PDF), to be located along NE 135th Street, east of Biscayne Boulevard and connecting to the existing path at Florida International University (FIU). As a designated Transportation Concurrency Exemption Area (PDF), the Arch Creek Bike Path represents one of the many alternative strategies the city is currently pursuing to encourage bicycle safety and promote a more pedestrian oriented environment.

Planning Commission Timeline (PDF)