Vendor Information

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In order to do business with the City of North Miami:

  1. All vendors, including but not limited to, corporations, fictitious names (d/b/a), LLC, LP, non-profits, and foreign corporations must be registered with the Florida Department of State Division of Corporations when required to by the State. You can check your status online at the Sunbiz website.
  2. Complete the City’s Vendor Registration and IRS W9 Form (PDF).
  3. Provide the Commodity Codes (PDF) for the services your company offers.
  4. Local Vendors must include a copy of their North Miami Business Tax Receipt in order to be indentified as a local business.
  5. Submit your completed Vendor Registration Form (PDF) by Email, Mail or in-person.

Please note, registrations are not processed until all requested information is received.

Changes to Your Vendor Registration

You must notify the Purchasing Department in writing of any change to the information provided on your original Vendor Registration Form, i.e, a change in your company name, a change in your payment or order processing address, and/or a change in your phone number(s).