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City of North Miami Parks & Recreation Department Program Proposal Form

  1. North Miami Parks and Recreation Department - People, Parks, Programs
  2. Class Proposal Form

    Please complete this form about your class. Please fill out a separate form for each class you are proposing.

  3. Class Structure (Please select one of the following)*
  4. Ages (Please circle the age range for the class)*
  5. Minimum/Maximun

    (What is the fewest/maximum number of students you will take?)

  6. (What days of the week would you like to teach the class?)

  7. (What time of the day would you like to offer the class?)

  8. Session

    Please select the session and the amount of weeks would you like to have the sessions of the class?

  9. Session*
  10. Amount of Weeks*
  11. What do you want to do if you have to miss a class?

  12. How much would you like to charge for the class? Instructor’s pay = 70% Class Fee

  13. Are there any skills a participant must have prior to taking this class?

  14. What equipment is needed to provide this class? Would the Instructor or the City be responsible in providing this equipment?

  15. What are students expected to wear/bring? Will they need to purchase extra supplies from you in addition to the class fee?

  16. Please provide the who, what and why? This information will be part of promotional material.

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