Miami Dade County 24-Hour Pollution Hotline

Miami Dade County 24-Hour Environmental Complaints

Miami-Dade County responds to environmental complaints and emergencies 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If you see illegal dumping or discharges of pollutants contact the 24-Hour Miami-Dade County Pollution Complaint Hotline at 305-372-6955 or the Public Works Department at 305-895-9878.

The following situations should be reported immediately:

  • Waste liquid discharges or spills into storm drains, street drains, parking lot drains, waterways, or onto the open ground.
  • Tanker trucks dumping waste into manholes, drainage structures, waterways, or on the ground.
  • Any spill or discharge to the environment of suspected (hazardous) waste.
  • Chemical spills or dumping incidents; any dumping of chemical drums or containers or abandoned drums.
  • Discharge or spills of gasoline, oil or waste hydrocarbons; fuel fumes in drainage structures or manholes.
  • Discharge or spills of pesticides; any dumping of pesticide containers.
  • Sewage overflows from any source.
  • Potable water main breaks.
  • Smoke or dust emissions from any facility.
  • Any severe odor or vapor that affects the eyes and/or breathing, or results in skin irritation; call 911 and then call Environmental Resources Management’s Complaint Desk.
  • Turbid (cloudy) water in any waterway, canal, or Biscayne Bay; may be due to construction and may be discharged through a pipe or from a storm drain.
  • Removal, cutting or bulldozing of trees, including mangroves in coast (particularly during the evenings or on weekends).