D4 Back to Work

Since the last census, the population in North Miami has been increasing, and so has the unemployment rate in North Miami. Employment opportunities, especially low to entry-level jobs for people with limited education and skills, are harder and harder to find. Roughly thousands of residents in District 4 are unemployed and do not have access to jobs to give them livable wages.

Vocational Training

The main goal of the "D4 Back to Work" initiative is to seek out and provide employment opportunities for residents living in District 4 by making connections with developers, job placement agencies, and career resource centers. The SoLē Mia Local Preference Office is looking for North Miami residents to provide free vocational training in industries such as:

  • Air conditioning and heating
  • Carpentry
  • Electric
  • Plumbing

Scholarship Opportunities

For information on how you can receive a full scholarship today, call the SoLē Mia Local Preference Office at 786-801-1366, or stop by the office located at:
12540 NE 8 Avenue
North Miami, FL 33161