Schedule of Fees

Adopted by Resolution: 2022-R-144
Adopted Date: Wednesday, September 28, 2022

Abandonment of Right of Way/Easement/Alleyway$2,974
Additional Variance Requests$141
Administrative Site Plan Review$500
Administrative Variance$317.20
Affordable Housing Needs Assessment, Cost Recovery$3,244
Annexation (initiated by individual or group)$541 (plus Noticing) Applicant also pays separate election fees.
Appeal by Aggrieved Party$293
Appeal by Applicant$141
Appraisal of City Right of Ways/Easements/Alleyways$649 Abutting Residential
$1,081 Abutting Non-residential
Architectural Consultant ReviewCost recovery, subject to the assessment of the consultant.
Alcoholic Beverage License Application Processing Fee$200
Campus Master Plan$1,135 + $8/100 sq. ft.
Campus Master Plan Amendment$541
Certificate of Use$250
Certificate of Use, Renewal$250
Certificate of Use, Renewal (Late Fee)If a Certificate of Use (CU) is not renewed on or before September 30, it shall be subject to a late penalty of ten (10) percent for the month of October, plus an additional five (5) percent penalty for each month of delinquency thereafter until paid. However, the total delinquency penalty shall not exceed twenty-five (25) percent of the CU for the delinquent establishment.
Community Residential Housing (CRH) and/or Assisted Living Facility (ALF) Location Verification$234
Comprehensive Sign Plan Program$315
Conditional Use Permit$1,081
Conditional Use Permit Amendment$541
Conditional Use Permit Master Plan Development

$216 + $1/acre
$541 + $22/acre
Continuation of Public Hearing Item$112
Copies of Zoning/Future Land Use Map(s)
Large 24"x36"
Small 11"x17"

Copy Machine and Print Copies$0.18/page
Development Agreement$4,150
Development of Regional Impact (DRI) Review$17,853
Development Review Committee (DRC) Site Plan Review
New Development Filing Fee
Redevelopment Filing Fee
Multi-Family Review Fee (3+ units)
Non-residential Review Fee $40/1000 s.f.
Mixed-use Development Review Fee
Existing Structures (re-use) Review Fee
Revision of Site Plan
Third Site Plan Review/Circulation

$680 + $57/1,000 s.f.
$567 + $28/1,000 s.f.
$454.00 + $28/unit
$40/1000 s.f.
$57/1000 sf of non-residential uses + 28/unit
Additional fee up to the value of the base fee
DRI - Notice of Proposed Change (NOPC)$6,920
Full Size Plan Copies (Cost to City or a minimum base fee of $35 plus administrative fee)$23 administrative fee
Land Development Regulations - Text Amendment (Inc. Establishment of$2,162
Land Use (Comprehensive Plan) and Zoning Determination/Verification Letter$234
Land Use Plan Amendment - Comprehensive Plan Text Amendment$4,325
Land Use Plan Amendment - Map AmendmentSmall Scale $2,811
Large Scale $4,325
Landscape Permit Fees
Single-Family Residential/Duplex
All other development
Bioswale review

No Fee
Mural Permit$524
Plat, Final
Plat, Tentative
Plat, Waiver


$1,000 + cost recovery with deposit of $750
$1,500 + cost recovery with deposit of $750

POD Application and Permit$29
Public Hearing Only$324
Public Notice, Sign$250
Publishing/Noticing (ALL Public Hearings)
Note* In the event that the publication and notice charges exceed the amount of the deposit above, the applicant shall be responsible to pay the City the full cost of such charges.
Review of Legal Documents (i.e. easement, deeds, agreements, dedications)$66/hr
Rezoning/LDR Zoning Map Amendment$2,595
Sidewalk Café Permit, Annual$140
Special Event/Grand Opening Sign or Banner Special Event Sales Permit$59
Special Exception$585
Telecommunication Service Provider Registration Fee$800
Telecommunication Tower and Antenna Pre-Application Conference$500
Telecommunication Tower and Antenna Review (New Structures)$1,500
Telecommunication Tower Report (Every two (2) years)$200
Temporary Use Permit$59 per day
Traffic Impact Analysis ReviewCost Recovery, subject to the assessment of the consultant.
Tree Mitigation Payment (in lieu of Canopy Replacement)No Fee
Tree Planting Permit (For mitigation purposes)No Fee
Tree Removal Permit$88 for one (1) tree + $29/ea. additional tree.
Unity of Title Review$541
Residential (Single-Family)
Residential (Multi-Family | 3 units or more)
*Multi-family fee excludes properties that are zoned multi-family, but have a single-family use*


Vested Rights Determination$1,829
Yard Sale Permit (2x per year allowed)$12
Zoning Improvement Permit (ZIP)$80
Zoning Permit and Registration of Floating Vessel Platforms and Hydro-Hoists$117
Zoning Review Fee for Building Permits$75