Parks & Recreation


12300 NE 8 Avenue
North Miami, FL 33161



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Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday
8 am to 5 pm
8 am to 6 pm
Name Title Email Phone
Carney, Christine Assistant Director 305-895-9840, ext. 12602
Corker, Derrick Parks, Recreation and Cultural Arts Director 305-895-9840, ext. 12601
Franklin, Le'Var Assistant to the Director 305-895-9840, ext. 12603
Garcia, Anthony Recreation Specialist  
Jackson, Ron Parks Supervisor  
Jackson, Shacora Recreation Leader II  
Castellanos, Osmel Parks Coordinator  
Milanese, Eddie Recreation Specialist  
Museau, Roger Assistant Parks Supervisor  
Paulino, Gary Aquatics Specialist 305-681-0701
Ramos, Ernie Recreation Supervisor 305-895-9840
Salahuddin, Khalid Recreation Supervisor  
Sheehan, Mikey Recreation Specialist  
Sorey, Andre Recreation Specialist  
Van De Ven, Laura Administrative Coordinator 305-895-9840, ext. 12606
Warren, Kendra Specialist Event Supervisor 305-895-9840, ext. 12605

Thomas Sasso Pool 

1100 NW 125 Street
North Miami, FL 33161

1100 NW 125 Street
North Miami, FL 33161

305 681 0701