Burglary Prevention Tips

  1. Keep Your Community Safe
  2. Be a Good Neighbor
  3. Suspicious Persons or Activities

We need you to do your part to help protect your home. Here are a few tips to keep in mind:A group of people and police officers

  • Doors are the primary method of entry for burglars, install a deadbolt and use it.
  • Windows are the second most common method used; make sure they are properly secured.
  • Exterior Lighting should be utilized. Sensor-activated lighting can alert you of someone on your property.
  • Landscape should be trimmed and cut away from windows. This will reduce concealment opportunities.
  • Alarm: consider an alarm system that is monitored.
  • Be Vigilant: Report suspicious non-emergency activity to 305-891-8111. In the event of an emergency call 911.

Locking your door and using a deadbolt may not be enough to properly secure your home.

Install a high-quality deadbolt made of case-hardened steel. A good deadbolt extends one or more inches into the door frame, and uses a metal strike plate installed with screws at least 3 inches in length, and not accessible from the outside of the door. Check your current deadbolts and if necessary, replace them, or replace short screws with longer ones. Devices such as "The Door Club" are also available to make forced entry much more difficult.

Sliding glass doors should also be reinforced. A long piece of wood, such as a broom handle, can be placed in the inside track to prevent the door from opening from the outside. If the slide track is on the outside, consider installing a slide bolt along the bottom inside track.