Application Process

The City's Community Planning and Development Department (CP&D) will review all certificate of use applications prior to the issuance of a Business Tax Receipt (BTR) from our office. Some businesses will need to have fire and health inspections, before receiving a BTR. Additional information may be found on the CP&D Application and Fee Schedule page.

To apply for a business tax receipt, a perspective business owner must come in person with the necessary documents and payment. If the business has been incorporated, a copy of the articles of incorporation, and the company's federal identification number must be provided. For a business that has not been incorporated but has a fictitious name, evidence that the name has been registered with the Department of State Division of Corporations in Tallahassee will be required.


Exemptions from Business Taxes are the following (Pursuant to Florida Statute Chapter 205.191 and 205.192). A completed BTR application must be registered with our office and submit CU fee's annually:

  • Non-Profit Charitable Institutions
  • Non-Profit Educational Institutions
  • Non-Profit Religious Institutions