Economic Development

Economic Development groups of people in North Miami

Economic Development Division aims to improve economic well-being and quality of life for the city of North Miami and its residents. The division supports local businesses, residents, and the city as a whole by implementing the pillars of economic development:

  • Business Attraction: Identifying businesses to open in North Miami through site selection, marketing, public private partnerships, and incentive funding.
  • Business Retention and Expansion: Supporting local businesses through grants, technical assistance, business surveys, and organizational resources.
  • Marketing: Creating a sense of place by utilizing branding and marketing strategies to positively promote the city of North Miami.
  • Workforce Development: Connecting residents with skills-training programs and educational opportunities.


The Economic Development Division is the liaison between the city government and the commercial community. Please view the helpful resources for more information on economic development initiatives happening in North Miami, or contact John Lorfils, MBA, Economic Development & Strategic Initiatives Director.