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Off-Duty Assignment Request Form

  1. Will Alcoholic Beverages Be Consumed or Dispensed?
  2. Name Of The On-Site Contact Person (If different from above)
  3. What Will The Officer(s) Assignment Be?
  4. Please specify
  5. Police Equipment Requested
  6. Submission Details
    Details, such as special or large-scale events, that necessitate advance planning may require the assignment of a Special Event Police Coordinator, who will be compensated at the rate of $51.50 per hour.

    Job cancellations must be made at least 24 hours prior to the scheduled starting time of the detail. Cancellations must be called into Derek Vildosola at 305-891-0294 Ext. 23111, from 9 am to 5 pm, Monday through Friday, excluding holidays. If you are unable to call during the listed hours, please call Communications at 305-891-0294 ext. 24203. Payment for a minimum of three (3) hours per officer/supervisor shall apply to cancellations not meeting this requirement.

    Sign and submit this document, by clicking below, to Derek Vildosola, at least, three (3) days in advance of your event or via fax to: 305-891-8058 or email the form to Derek Vildosola.

    If you should have any questions, please contact Derek Vildosola at 305-891-0294 Ext. 23111. Upon signing this form, you agree to the aforementioned requirements.
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