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  1. Driveway Permit Application

    Driveway Permit Application form for people to print

  2. Fence Permit Application

    Form to allow People to print a clean & clear Application

  3. Roof Permit Application

    Roof Permit Application form for people to print

  1. Engineering Permit Application

    Engineering Permit Application form for people to print

  2. Owner-Builder Affidavit

    Owner-Builder Affidavit

City clerk

  1. City of North Miami Board & Commission Application

    Get involved in your community; and make an impact in your city!

  1. Quasi-Judicial Speaker Form


  1. Library Meeting Room Application & Policy

    Use of Library facilities is limited to: • Programs sponsored by the Library • Programs co-sponsored by the Library • Programs of... More…

Mayor and Council

  1. District 3 Holiday House Decorating Contest
  2. North Miami Youth Council Survey
  1. North Miami Youth Council 2022-2023 Application

    The purpose of the North Miami Youth Council is to provide young emerging leaders with a vehicle to learn about local government. Youth... More…

Police Department

  1. Commendation Form
  2. Contact the North Miami Police Department
  3. Off-Duty Police Services Cancellation Request Form

    If you need to request the cancellation of a previous off-duty police service request, you must complete the following form.

  1. Complaint Form
  2. North Miami Police Department Autism Outreach Program

    The North Miami Police Department's Autism Outreach Program is designed to help improve interactions and relationships between member... More…

  3. Off-Duty Police Services Request Form