Will I receive household trash collection on holidays?

Christmas Day, December 25th is the only holiday that Waste Pro does not provide sanitation services. Sanitation services will resume on your next scheduled day. For more information, please call us at 305-895-9832

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1. What does my weekly residential sanitation service included?
2. What type of container should I use?
3. When should I place my containers at the curb?
4. Where should I place my residential sanitation containers?
5. How do I fill my containers?
6. Can I place large items like furniture or old appliances on the curb for bulk trash collection?
7. What should I do if my container is lost, damaged or stolen? How can I have it replaced or repaired?
8. Will I receive household trash collection on holidays?
9. How will the collection services of solid waste be affected if I am a business owner in the City of North Miami and currently using a waste collector, other than the one selected by the City?
10. What will change about the residential collection service?
11. Will my rates for commercial/residential increase?
12. What if I decide that I would still like to keep my servicer after three years?
13. If I receive commercial or multi-family waste collection services, who will I pay my bill to?
14. Why is North Miami making the change from doing the garbage pick-up itself to using Waste Pro?
15. Why did North Miami just force us to buy a new container for our garbage pick-up, if Waste Pro will not use the containers we were recently ordered to purchase?
16. Why do some apartment buildings or condominiums continue to be able to use other garbage companies while we must use Waste Pro?
17. Who can be contacted if there are problems with Waste Pro services?
18. What is the meaning of the letter the City sent to all the private haulers?