My cold water tap has a foul odor?

This is a common problem but is usually not an issue caused by the water itself but one caused by bacteria growth in household plumbing fixtures, in most cases the “p-trap” is the culprit. To determine whether the odor is in fact coming from the cold water tap (which is rare), perform the following sniff test:

  • Fill a clean glass cup with cold tap water from the faucet at the area in question.
  • Exit the area of foul odor with the glass of water.
  • Now take a sniff of the water in the glass. If the water in the glass has no objectionable odor, then the problem is likely caused by another source and not the cold water tap.


If the water in the glass has an objectionable odor, please contact the Winson Water Plant at 305-953-2854.

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