NoMi Art In Public Places/Call to Artists

The North Miami Community Redevelopment Agency (NMCRA), through its Arts in Public Places program, seeks to commission the design of original works of art for its Public Utility Box initiative, turning the drab into attractive pieces of public art reflective of the City’s mosaic as well as its longstanding support of the arts.

Griffing Park

Griffing Park


City of North Miami Griffing Park




Griffing Park: NE 123rd Street & West Dixie Highway, North Miami, FL 33161


Extended until March 12, 2021


Open to professional artists with demonstrated experience. Work must be original. All designs must include “art NoMi” as displayed in Attachment A. NMCRA employees and Art Selection Committee members are excluded from applying.

Location Description

It sits in welcome, a majestic Banyan tree an anchor in the 5.4-acre greenspace known as Griffing Park. Abutting the Biscayne Canal, the park is a triangular oasis, boasting lush foliage, including oak, mahogany and Sabal Palm trees. Four concrete benches, six (6) utility boxes, one (1) single-story concrete building/pavilion and two smaller single-story utility buildings, help define the park. So too, and perhaps more importantly, does the Memorial Plaza, site of some of the city’s most solemn celebrations, Memorial and Veterans days.

Created in 1946 and named for the City’s cofounder, Arthur Mertlow Griffing, the park is located on the aptly named Griffing Boulevard, between NE 123rd Street and West Dixie Highway, Griffing Park is a short walk from the renowned Museum of Contemporary Art (MoCA), the North Miami City Hall and the MoCA Plaza—the heart of the City’s downtown core. And, directly across the boulevard from the park, a community center shares the lot with a shuffleboard court as well as a small concrete structure.

The multi-purpose greenspace is home to a number of events, including the aforementioned Veterans and Memorial days, egg hunts, festivals, etc.

Opportunity for Public Art

We’re all about the heART of the city, and as such, are transforming Griffing Park, a 5.4-acre triangular oasis in Downtown North Miami, using designs and vibrant colors reflective of the area’s rich and diverse cultural heritage.

NMCRA seeks to commission original art for its Public Utility Box art initiative, turning the drab into attractive pieces of public art reflective of the City’s diversity and longstanding support of the arts. NMCRA is accepting proposals, each of which may include up to five (5) digital images and two (2) distinct design concepts to include art work as depicted in attachment A.

During this Call For Artists process, we are seeking artists’ portfolios and design proposals for items specified in Attachment B. (Please see attachment C for photographs)

The jurors seek designs to create a vibrant yet relaxing nature-infused experience for guests. Works of art will be printed on vinyl and installed by a contracted vendor. The installation will remain in place for up to five (5) years. ALL designs must include “art NoMi” as presented in attachment A.

After the Art Selection Committee selects the winning proposal, the appointed artist will work with the Art In Public Places Manager to finalize design with input from the Art Selection Committee. The final design will highlight the artist’s unique artistic vision along with the Art Selection Committee’s vision for Griffing Park and its themed message(s).

Estimated Budget 

The artist will be paid a fee of $3,500.00 for selected design.

Please note that “Artist is an independent contractor. This work is considered work-for-hire under the United States Copyright Act of 1976. All concepts, ideas, copy, sketches, art-work, electronic files, and other materials related to it will become the property of the City of North Miami and the North Miami Community Redevelopment Agency. Artist acknowledges that the Design is being created by the Artist for use by the City of North Miami and the North Miami Community Redevelopment Agency.”

Estimated Schedule

Application Deadline5:00 PM, March 12, 2021
Art Selection Committee MeetingMarch 19, 2021
Artist NotificationMarch 26, 2021
Design FinalizationMarch 29 to April 2, 2021
Print CompletionApril 16, 2021
Installation CompletionApril 26, 2021
Unveiling, Media LaunchApril 30, 2021

Application Requirements

A complete application must include three documents:

  1. Resume and short statement of up to 300 words about why you are inspired to apply for this project, as a pdf attachment clearly labeled Artist Resume
  2. Up to ten images representative of artist’s work, as a pdf attachment clearly labeled Artist Portfolio
  3. Up to five (5) images and a maximum of two (2) distinct rendering for proposed artwork, as a pdf attachment clearly labeled Artist Proposal
    • Additional Instructions:
      • All three attachments must be submitted via one single email to and
      • Email must include the following subject line: Call for Artist North Miami (Artist Name) Griffinlg Park.
      • For documents 2 and 3, do not caption any of the pages and images attached with the artist’s name or identifying marks. Short descriptions of less than 100 words are allowed per image in order to provide more information. Inclusion of artist name and or identifying marks will disqualify entrant as the Art Selection Committee will use a blind evaluation to make its selection, free from influence of artist’s identity.
      • Teams of up to two may submit a joint application. If you choose this option, please combine your documents for Resume and Completed Work by placing the first artist’s submission, followed by the second artist’s submission. Separate the two submissions with a cover page labeled Joint Application: Next Artist. 

Selection Process

 An Art Selection Committee will review all proposals and make a selection. The primary criteria for selection will be previous artistic accomplishment(s) as demonstrated in images of completed artwork, experience and design concept(s) for this site-specific project. 

Art Selection Committee

The committee is a panel composed of five (5) professionals in the field of art, public art, civic engagement and stakeholders including the City of North Miami. 

About Art In Public Places

Recognizing the transformative force of art, the City of North Miami deems it essential to the health and vigor of its communities. To help ensure continued vibrancy of Miami-Dade County’s sixth largest metropolis, as well as to ensure access to art, the City, a longstanding proponent of the arts, launched its Arts in Public Places program (APP) in 2010, coordinating closely with the County’s own ‘Art in Public Places’ initiative. 

About North Miami

With a population just over 60,000 and encompassing 9.5 square miles, the City of North Miami is home to one of the most ethnically diverse communities in the state. Nestled between Miami and Fort Lauderdale, the City has had a rich history in the arts and is home to the renowned Museum of Contemporary Art (MoCA); the now defunct Greenwich Studios (home of Flipper); and some of the most sough-after recording studios including the Hit Factory and Criterion. Both Florida International University Biscayne Bay Campus as well as Johnson & Wales University call North Miami home. 

The city’s population is 60% Black Non-Hispanic; 22% White Hispanic; and 9.66% White Non-Hispanic. 

With one of Miami-Dade County’s most diverse population, the City of North Miami is committed to the growth of its business community, while also focusing on issues such as education, the arts, leisure activities and sustainability, ensuring a live/work environment.

About the NMCRA

The North Miami Community Redevelopment Agency (NMRCA) is an independent government agency that was fully established in 2005 by the City of North Miami and Miami-Dade County, under Chapter 163 of the Florida Statues. The NMCRA is charged with the responsibility of eliminating conditions of blight that exist with the City, and helping to improve the quality of life by revitalizing the City’s physical, economic, educational and social resources. The agency will achieve this by organizing programs related to economic development, marketing, public relations, security, physical improvements, special events, parking and other programs which further redevelopment. The designated Community Redevelopment Area comprises 3,250 acres, approximately 60% of the City.

Additional Info

Please email and

Attachment A

Attachment A.

Attachment B

TypeDimensions (HxWxD)ConstructionNotes
Utility Box57" x 27" x 27"MetalExposed door hinges on two sides; Two antennas on top of box
UB/Electrical Tombstone42.5" x 30.5" x 12.5"MetalMetal box attached to concrete slab measuring 60”x 36” x 13”; Exposed hinges
Fencing Enclosure4 Panels each 8' x 7'LaticceMetal Poles with Lattice Work; Gate is approx. 3.5’ x 7’. 1-2 ft flowering shrubs surround base

Attachment C

Electrical Tombstone (Metal front)Electrical Tombstone (Metal front)Electrical Tombstone (Sideview)Electrical Tombstone (Sideview)Electrical Tombstone (Concrete back)Electrical Tombstone (Concrete back)
Utility Box (sidewalk)Utility Box (sidewalk)Utility Box Side 2Utility Box Side 2Utility Box Side 3Utility Box Side 3
Electrical Tombstone (Aerial view) Electrical Tombstone (Aerial view)Utility Box Aerial ViewUtility Box Aerial ViewFencing (abuts Pump Station J)Fencing (abuts Pump Station J)

Utility Box Top View AntennaUtility Box Top View/Antenna