Green Business Rehabilitation Grant Program

Policies and Guidelines


The Mayor and Council adopted Resolution 2015-R-26 authorizing the creation of the Green Business Rehab Grant Program on March 10, 2015 and subsequently modified the program on June 26, 2018 and March 26, 2019. The intent and primary purpose of this program is to create economic opportunity by promoting energy conservation, reduction of greenhouse gases and encouraging sustainability by retrofitting buildings occupied by small businesses. Implementing this new economic development program will help current and future small businesses to “green” their operations and identify a rate of return on their retrofit investment.

Eligibility Criteria

A business owner/business may quality for consideration provided it meets all of the following criteria:

  1. Business must be located in a commercial space with the City of North Miami (Proof of ownership or a copy of executed lease is required).
  2. Business can be non-profit or for-profit and must have been in business for at least 2 years.
  3. Cannot have more than seven (7) employees including the owner(s), corporate officer(s), part time and full time employees on the business payroll at the time of program application submittal. Leased employees through another organization will be considered as the business’ employee.
  4. Must not be part of a national chain or franchise.
  5. Must not have received a CRA commercial grant or Green Rehabilitation grant in the last five (5) years.
  6. Grant application submitted.
  7. Proof of ownership or authorization to make renovations.
  8. Proof of Property Insurance.
  9. Proof of Energy Audit completion- coordination with FPL (free) – Provide FPL Report.
  10. Must not have liens against the property.
  11. Must be demonstrable green improvement.

Use of Funds and Activities

The following eligible items may be considered, based on the results of the energy audit, for “green” retrofit:

  1. Lighting fixtures.
  2. Insulation options.
  3. Draft/light sealants for windows and doors to conserve energy.
  4. Automatic timed devices.
  5. Install energy efficient appliances per energy audit.
  6. Provide options for solar energy such as fixtures (on a small scale).
  7. Generators.
  8. Hurricane impact windows.

Program Rules and Requirements

  1. The maximum grant amount available for each business is up to $10,000.
  2. Grant is reimbursable and does not require payback or match.
  3. Grantees who demonstrate financial hardship via a signed letter and 3 bids/estimates may have awarded grant funds paid directly to qualifying contractor/vendor.
  4. The program is subject to the City’s funding availability. Applications are accepted and reviewed on a first come, first serve basis.
  5. The business must have the City of North Miami Certificate of Use and/or Business Tax receipt.
  6. The application must be submitted in the legal name of the applicant (i.e., Name of business owner(s), corporation name as registered with the Florida Department of State, Division of Corporations, etc.).
  7. For corporations, information demonstrating the corporation has an “Active” status in the Florida Department of State, Division of Corporations.
  8. The business owner or an authorized representative of the corporation who has legal authority to bind the organization in a contract with the City of North Miami must sign application.
  9. Submission of an application shall constitute acknowledgement and acceptance of all terms and conditions contained in the guidelines and the application. Acceptance of this application does not constitute a contract and does not obligate the City to award funds.
  10.  Applicant must be willing to comply with all regulations, guidelines and policies as they relate to the program. Applications that are incomplete, illegible, lack required attachments, or have other content errors or deficiencies may be rejected.
  11. If recommended for funding, Business Owners will be required to sign a written agreement with the City (Letter of Agreement, Provided by the city).
  12. Payments will be made directly to the business after proof of expenditure and installation unless financial hardship is demonstrated wherein payment will be made directly to the qualifying contractor or vendor providing service.
  13. After participation in grant program, ineligible for 12 months after completion.

Required Documents for Funding

 Please use this list of required documentation to complete the online application

  • Energy Audit completion - coordination with FPL (Free) (305)-442-0388
  • Proof of Sustainable Improvement or Bids 
  • Company’s Certificate of Incorporation 
  • Business Income Tax Return (Form 1120) for the past 2 years 
  • Current Lease agreement or deed to the property (must be a commercial lease/space) 
  • City of North Miami Business Tax Receipt 
  • W9 
  • Business Insurance 
  • Copy of IRS determination letter as a non-profit organization (required for all non-profit organizations) 
  • Certificate of Use CU
  •  Verification of Employees (payroll)

**The City reserves the right to request additional information about the business and/or business owner(s) that may be needed to process the grant application.**

Application Submission

Please fill out the Green Business Rehabilitation Grant Program application online.

For more information please contact:

Amanda Murray, Sustainability Administrator
Phone Number: (305)-893-6511 ext. 19007