There are often misconceptions about which items are acceptable and unacceptable for recycling. As a guide, please use the list below provided by Waste Pro.

Always Recycle:

  • Glass Jars and Bottles 
  • Aluminum Cans 
  • Tin Foil and Aluminum Pie Pans
  • Plastic Bottles/Containers #1 - #7 (Remove bottle and container caps and drain liquids before recycling) 
  • Cereal Boxes 
  • Paper Towel Rolls 
  • Paperback Books and Phone Books 
  • Junk Mail 
  • Cardboard (flatten all boxes) 
  • Magazines and Catalogs 
  • Newspapers and Newspaper Inserts 
  • Loose Office Paper and File Folders (without wax liners) 
  • Paper Bags 

Never Recycle:

  • Plastic Grocery Bags or Wrap 
  • Garbage 
  • Wrapping Paper 
  • Styrofoam 
  • Electronics 
  • Hardback Books 
  • Ceramics or Dishes 
  • Food Waste 
  • Motor Oil Containers
  •  Household Hazardous Waste (engine oil, paint, gasoline, batteries, pesticides, etc.) 
  • Light Bulbs, Window Glass or Mirrors 
  • Yard Waste 

Recycling and Disposing of Hazardous Materials

To dispose of or recycle hazardous waste contact the Miami-Dade County Home Chemical Collection Center, located in Doral.