Residential Services

Each week, two garbage, one recycling and up to eight cubic yards of bulk trash collection are provided to North Miami’s single-family and multifamily residences with up to four units.

Steps for Efficient Garbage, Recycling and Bulk Trash Collection

  1. Place your trash or recycling container at the curb 24-hours before your scheduled day of pick-up.
  2. Remove your trash or recycling container from the street once it has been serviced. Containers left curbside more than 24-hours after scheduled service are subject to citation by the Neighborhood Services Department.
  3. Place trash and recycling containers no more than four feet away from the curb, low hanging limbs, power lines and your driveway.
  4. Place the container at the curb with the lid properly closed and the handle facing the property. 
  5. Place containers four 4 feet away from any other object including other containers, mailboxes, power poles, fences, trees or bushes. The mechanical arm of the sanitation collection vehicle needs room to maneuver and cannot grab containers when other objects are too close. 
  6. Placement of Bulk Trash: Please ensure that bulk trash is positioned at least 10 feet away from all parked cars. If vehicles are obstructing access to the containers, our trucks will not be able to service them without the risk of damage.
  7. Separate garbage, recycling and bulk waste. Place household garbage in the dark green container and recyclables in the light green container.
  8. Do not place chemicals, motor oil, or paint in your containers. These hazardous materials could harm the driver, the truck and the environment.
  9. All items that are too big to fit in the containers should be placed curbside for bulk collection to prevent damage to the vehicle and/or the driver. 
  10. Do not place items on top of the container. All items must be placed inside containers with the lid properly closed for collection. 
  11. Break down all boxes before placing them in the light green recycling container. Do not jam them too tightly inside the container. Breaking down and flattening boxes makes servicing your containers more efficient. 
  12. Bag all household garbage before placing items in the dark green container. Loose garbage attracts pests and increases odors. It also increases the chance of garbage scattering on the ground and blown into the street. 

Do not place rocks, dirt, concrete, or hot coals in any containers. They can damage the trucks, containers and injure drivers. Containers filled with unacceptable items will not be serviced and are subject to a citation by the Neighborhood Services Department.

Sec. 9-23. - Garden trash.