2022-23 Single-Family Rehabilitation Program Lottery

The City of North Miami Housing and Social Services Department conducted a lottery on Friday, November 18, 2022, to select 15 of the 64 residents who applied and pre-qualified for the FY 2022-2023 Single-Family Rehabilitation Program, funded by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) and the Florida Housing Finance Corporation (FHFC).

  1. Edwige Tiphaine 
  2. Luney Saint Jour 
  3. Felix Lubin 
  4. Celanie Laguerre 
  5. Carolene Fenelon 
  6. Gomez Belizaire & Kettlene Francois 
  7. Leonne Fils-Aime
  8. Saintania Simon
  9. Moises Chevez 
  10. Ruh-keea K. Leconte
  11. Olga Amaya 
  12. Amonesse Joseph 
  13. Anne Dalline 
  14. Marcus Alvarez 
  15. Eleanor Ducasse

Up to $50,000 will be awarded per household for eligible repairs, including:

  • Replacement of roof, hurricane impact windows, electrical and plumbing upgrades
  • Air conditioning or any other approved improvements

Watch the lottery drawing