Smart Biz Micro Grant

Qualified Expenditures

The goal for this program is to help small businesses expand their market reach by investing in greater hardware and software applications. In the age of technology, there are many innovative ways that business can offer their goods and services to an e-commerce online customer base. The following eligible items are permitted, based on business type:


  • Computers
  • Printer, scanner, copier (All in one)


  • Internet service (1 year)Website – Turnkey website landing page package
  • Virus Protection
  • Microsoft Office 365
  • Remote Client Software (Team Viewer)

Other services:

Virtual Training courses (Gotomeeting, Zoom, other virtual meetings – Max 3 month service) Tech Support with set up and remote trouble shooting

The Process

The following identifies the steps in the application process:

  1. The city will make continuous efforts for public outreach.
  2. All information will be placed on the Community Planning and Development website and related websites. It will also be marketed through NoMiTV channel and all city social media outlets
  3. Grant application checklist:
    1. Grant application
    2. Certificate of Use or Business Tax receipt
    3. Proof of eligibility based on all listed requirements below.
    4. Verification of the number of employees (i.e. payroll sheets)
  4. Once the applications are received, it will go through the following review process: 
    1. CP &D staff review for accuracy
    2. Application deemed complete
    3. Selection and assignment of local IT company who will work with applicant to order and assist with set up of hardware and software.
    4. Execution of grant agreement
    5. Follow-up meeting and Notice to Proceed by CP&D staff
    6. Grant monitoring by CDBG-Meeting National Objective 

Program Limits & Requirements

Funding Limit:

The City has allocated $20,000 to the Smart Biz E-commerce Micro Business Grant. Subsequently, the maximum amount allocated to each business will be up to $1,500. Requirements & Scope: Participants must be a small business operating within the City of North Miami. Applicants of the Smart Biz Micro Grant Program shall comply with those provisions of the City’s local adopted codes re possessing a CU and BTR. For the purposes of this CDBG program, small businesses will be identified through the criteria established by Miami Dade County:

  1. Cannot have more than ten (10) employees
  2. Must not be part of a national chain or franchise
  3. Must not have received any CRA funding in the last five (5) Years
  4. Can be non-profit or for-profit and must have been in business within North Miami for at least two (2) years (proof include old lease, incorporations, sales tax, income tax, or utility bill, BTR).
  5. Orders must be made through City approved IT vendor
  6. More than one application submitted for the same business, business owner, family member, or partners will not be considered.
  7. Priority given to target industries (Healthcare, Medical Technology, Research, Restaurants, Hotels, Professional Services, Fitness, Arts/Entertainment, Industrial, Manufacturing)


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