Notice to Public


The City North Miami is an entitlement community eligible to receive assistance under the U. S Department of Housing and Urban Development [HUD] Community Development Block Grant [CDBG] Program and HOME Investment Partnerships [HOME] Program. As mandated by Federal Regulation, 24 CFR Part 91, the City of North Miami is required to submit an annual update of its Consolidated Plan. 

The update, known as an Action Plan, will reflect a collaborative process whereby North Miami establishes a unified vision of community development actions (interaction with municipalities, community organizations, civic organizations and private sector). This planning effort will cover the Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) and Home Investment Partnership Program (HOME). All HUD entitlement communities must submit an Action Plan in order to receive these funds.


The specific strategies identified in the Plan to address housing and community development needs are as follows: 

  • Expand economic opportunities
  • Improve infrastructure
  • Increase the capacity of public facilities and public services
  • Provide affordable housing

Fiscal Year 2014 to 2015

The Fiscal Year 2014 to 2015 Action Plan describes the activities the City proposes to undertake to accomplish the objectives of the Consolidated Plan, are listed below.

NumberActivityFunding Allocation
1CDBG Program Administration$152,659
2CDBG Housing Rehabilitation Program plus Recaptured funds$430,047.32
3CDBG Economic Development$50,000
4CDBG Public Services - Non-profit Community Based Organizations and YOB Program$114,494
5CDBG Public Facilities (Parks and Recreation)$30,000
6HOME Program Administration$21,593
7HOME Community Housing Development Organization (CHDO) Set-aside$32,390
8HOME Single-Family Rehabilitation Program$134,216.25
9HOME First-time Homebuyer Program$40,000
10HOME Tenant Based Rental Assistance Program$3,000
N/ATotal CDBG and HOME Funds$1,008,399.57