Missing Persons Guide

Missing Child or Endangered Adult

A child is under the age of 17. An Endangered Adult is a person who, regardless of age, is mentally incapacitated or in need of medicine or medical attention.

Do not wait 48 hours to report your child missing. There is no time limit that you must wait to report a person as missing, whether he/she is considered missing or a runaway.

Call the North Miami Police at 305-891-8111 immediately.

Missing Adults 

Persons other than children or teens who are considered missing are handled by the local police stations. If you feel the situation is serious, please dial 911 or call directly into the North Miami Police Department at 305-891-8111.

  1. Four Steps to be Prepared
  2. What to Do if Your Child Is Missing
  3. What Will Happen

In the event that a child is missing, a parent or guardian should take these steps to help law enforcement search for and identify the child.

Keep a Complete Description

A description includes the color of the hair, eyes, height, weight, and date of birth. Also include anything that might help identify your child such as eyeglasses, braces, marks, and scars.

Have a Color Photograph of Your Child

Have an updated color photograph of your child available. Head and shoulder photos are preferable. Update the photograph every six months.

Have Your Dentist Prepare Dental Charts

Make sure that your dentist prepares and maintains accurate and up-to-date dental charts and x-rays on your child as part of his or her routine dental visits. If you move, make sure to request a copy for yourself and your new dentist.

Know Where Your Child's Medical Records Are Located

Medical records, particularly x-rays, can be invaluable tools in helping to identify your child. It is important to have all scars, blemishes, and broken bones recorded. Ask your doctor where these files are located and how to obtain them if the need arises.