Elevation Certificates

Elevation certificates starting from January 2017 are available online at Florida Division of Emergency Management SERT map website. In order to access the elevation certificate interactive map we recommend using Google chrome and doing the following steps:

  • Click the layer list and checking the year your elevation certificate was done.
  • Type in your address in the address locator on the top left corner of the screen to locate you property.

Elevation Certificate and Instructions

Review the 2015 edition of the Elevation Certificate and Instructions.


If your elevation certificate does not appear on the website or if was done prior to 2017, contact the Building Department at 305-895-9820 and they may have it on file and can provide it to you. If you need technical assistance with using this map you can contact Kent Walia, Planner at the Community Planning and Development Department at 305-893-6511, ext. 19004.