Water & Sewer

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Notice for North Miami Utility Customers

The City of North Miami’s Water and Sewer Utility implemented a new consumption based rate structure in 2012 (Resolution R-2012-52.) Effective October 1, 2013, this rate structure proposes an increase of 3% for water and 11.5% for sewer charges in Fiscal Year 2013 to 2014. This rate structure was implemented in 2012, replacing a previous rate structure that was based on an annual inflationary increase. The North Miami Water and Sewer Utility’s Consumptive Use Permit (13-00059-W) issued in August 2010, required the adoption of a consumption-based rate structure as one of the conditions of issuance. The rate increases and assessments described herein were considered by the City Council at the public hearing held on April 10, 2012. Notice of this hearing was published on all customer utility bills.Water Plant Group Receiving an Award

Spanish & Creole Notice

View the notice in Spanish and Creole (PDF). This notification is to comply with Florida Statutes 180.136.


The City of North Miami, Public works Department wants to inform the residents of North Miami that they can also participate in receiving the rebates that are being offered from the Miami Dade County water conservation program. View more information about rebates.