We maintain the City right-of-way including streets, alleys, and sidewalks to provide safe, passable right-of-way for City residents and visitors. We also install new curbs, gutters, and sidewalks and resurface City streets and alleyways as approved annually through the budget process.

Streets Administration

Provide supervisory and clerical support for the Streets Division and the stormwater Utility. Responsibilities include:

  • Communicating with vendors
  • Coordinating and directing work crews
  • Inspecting work done by outside contractors and all clerical support required to maintain the divisions
  • Responding to residents complaints
  • Scheduling of projects

Street Maintenance

Perform general maintenance of City streets, City owned parking lots, and City owned vacant lots, as well as bridges and seawalls. This maintenance provides residents with an aesthetically pleasing and safer environment in which to live. Street banners and various decorative light pole banners are hung throughout the year. City owned lots, not under contract, are maintained and those under contract are supervised by this staff. City streets and parking lots are striped, brick pavers are repaired and graffiti is removed from City structures.

General Patching, Street Repair & Right-of-ways Maintenance

Maintain the City owned streets that are damaged due to City utility projects that require temporary and permanent asphalt patches. Repair all pot holes that are reported and repair all right-of-ways that may be damaged due to City utility projects.

Permanent Concrete Construction

Construct and maintain sidewalks, curbing and gutters, and sidewalk-to-street handicap ramps in the budgeted area and assist in street maintenance and other street construction projects.