Fleet Maintenance

The city of North Miami has a fleet of 470 vehicles and pieces of drivable, motorized equipment that support the various city departments. The fleet includes:

  • Heavy trucks
  • Light trucks
  • Motorcycles
  • Motorized equipment
  • Sedans
  • Small utility vehicles
  • Trailers


The Fleet Division is also responsible for maintenance and repair of small motorized equipment as well as vehicle and equipment acquisition and disposal as well as fulfilling all reporting requirements. The primary goal of the City’s Fleet Division is to keep the fleet in great running order. This is done by completing the following tasks:

  • Maintaining an inventory of parts and tires for timely repairs
  • Performing general maintenance and repairs
  • Performing preventative maintenance at regular intervals
  • Working with vendors that provide additional services

Fleet Maintenance Operations

The City currently employees:

  • 1 full-time storekeeper
  • 1 part-time fleet mechanic
  • 1 part-time stock clerk
  • 2 full-time fleet mechanic trainees
  • 3 full-time fleet mechanics

Employees Responsibilities

These employees are directly responsible for the proper maintenance and repair of all City vehicles and motorized equipment. During the last fiscal year (FY) 2018, the mechanics took care of 2,500 work orders. These employees are also responsible for maintaining the City’s centralized fueling facility.

Welding Operations

The City currently employees 1 full-time welder. The welder is responsible for metal related repairs at all City facilities, maintenance of City equipment and structures, and general repairs of fleet equipment. During the last fiscal year, the welder took care of 200 work orders and provided assistance to the mechanics when additional support was required.

Parts Room Operation

The City currently employees 1 full-time storekeeper and 1 part-time stock clerk. These employees are responsible for maintaining an adequate inventory of parts and tires on-hand to help with quicker turnaround time on vehicle and motorized equipment repairs. During the last fiscal year, the parts room fulfilled 2,700 work orders for the mechanics and welder. These employees are also responsible for inputting all repair orders and maintaining the parts inventory through the City’s computerized fleet management system.

Fueling Operations

Through the City’s centralized fueling facility, staff is responsible for providing and distributing fuel for City vehicles, equipment and generators. Additionally, two neighboring municipalities utilize our facility for refueling of vehicles that operate on compressed natural gas (CNG). The City has also entered into interlocal agreements with three neighboring municipalities in order to provide them fueling services in an emergency situation.