Facility Maintenance

We provide facility maintenance and housekeeping services to seven City buildings with five full time employees. A contractual janitorial service assists in order to ensure that residents and employees have an aesthetically pleasing and safe environment.

Facility Maintenance, Operation & Custodial Services

Perform maintenance, repairs and daily housekeeping for seven City buildings:

  • Building and Zoning Annex
  • City Hall
  • Code Enforcement
  • Community Planning and Development Annex
  • Library
  • Motor Pool
  • Water and Sewer Operation Center


Facility Maintenance provides technical advice and support regarding the maintenance of the Police Station and MoCA building. Services performed include:

  • Building alterations
  • Carpentry work
  • Ceiling repairs
  • Furniture restoration
  • Interior and exterior building maintenance
  • Minor electrical and plumbing repairs
  • Painting

Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Funding

ADA provides for the implementation of the Transition Plan for providing reasonable accommodations to individuals with disabilities and for annual updates to ADA Compliance Manual.