Sustainable Business

Green Business Resources

Utility costs may constitute one of the largest expenditures of businesses. In order to help current and future businesses within the City reduce their utility bill payments in conjunction with their greenhouse gas emissions, promote climate change awareness, and stimulate economic development the City offers a grant to small businesses with seven employees or less in amounts of up to $5,000 to retrofit their facilities.

Green Business Rehabilitation Grant Program

This matching grant program provides small businesses with 7 employees or less up to $5,000 to retrofit their operation with sustainable elements that will reduce energy costs and long-term operating expenses through savings on monthly utility bills. The grant funds the installation of efficient lighting fixtures and appliances, new insulation, draft/ light sealants for windows, and doors, and automatic timed devices, and provides options for small-scale solar energy fixtures.


Fill out the Application (PDF). If you have any questions, call 305-893-6511.