Housing & Social Services

The Housing Division is to assist the City of North Miami in creating a viable urban Brick and Vinyl Sided Housecommunity by providing decent housing, a suitable living environment and expanding opportunities, principally for very low, low and moderate-income persons/families.


The division administers local, state and federal funds designated for housing and community development. They also identify housing and community development needs within the City, work with "not for profit" organizations to expand opportunities and quality of life for low and moderate income residents. The division plans, developments and implements programs and activities to meet identified needs in housing and community development, such as:

  • Home Ownership
  • Improvements
  • Public facilities
  • Rental Rehabilitation
  • Single-family Rehabilitation

Income Chart

Household Size$16,550 or Less (ELI)$27,550 or less (VLI) 50%$44,100 or less (LI) 80%
1$16,550 or less (ELI)$27,550 or less (VLI)$44,100 or less (LI)
2$18,900 or less$31,500 or less$50,400 or less
3$21,250 or less $35,450 or less$56,700 or less
4$25,100 or less$39,350 or less$62,950 or less
5$29,420 or less$42,500 or less$68,000 or less
6$33,740 or less$45,650 or less$73,050 or less
7$38,060 or less$48,800 or less$78,100 or less
8$42,380 or less$51,950 or less$83,100 or less